Shea Butter Body Wash

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Shea Butter Body Wash: This formula is super moisturizing, creamy, and very easy to make! Add scent and therapeutic skincare benefits by substituting one of the infused oils like the sweet almond oil or add your favorite essential oil. You could also start with a scented Castile soap and have fun with creative scent layering to make a one-of-a-kind scent.

Shea Butter Body Wash

Shea Butter Body Wash:

YIELDS: 16 ounces

1⁄2 cup shea butter

1 cup unscented liquid Castile soap

1⁄2 cup sweet almond oil

2 x essential oil blend, (optional).

* What you will need: double boiler, funnel, measuring cups, 16-ounce bottle and cap

1. To Make: Start the double boiler on medium heat. Once it reaches a boil, reduce heat to simmer. Place the shea butter in the top of the double boiler and cover. Simmer until melted, stirring occasionally. To preserve the beneficial botanicals, do not overheat. Remove from heat and take the top pan off the double boiler and wipe dry with a towel. Using a funnel, carefully pour the Castile soap and sweet almond oil into the bottle and add the essential oils. Pour the melted shea butter into the bottle; use a rubber spatula to get the remainder out of the pan. Cap tightly and gently shake for a few minutes to blend the ingredients.

2. To Store: Store in bottle, away from direct sunlight. Label with contents and date and use within a year.

3. To Use: Use as body wash in your shower or bath. Apply to damp skin in small, upward motions. Rinse well.