Mocha Latte Scrub

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Start your day with a vibrant and healthy glow when you use this yummy Mocha Latte Scrub. Coffee and chocolate contain regenerative antioxidants and naturally occurring caffeine, which increases circulation and has a gritty but soft texture that works to promote ultra-smooth skin. This scrub is also a fantastic cellulite buster.

Mocha Latte Scrub

Mocha Latte Scrub:

YIELDS: 16 ounces

1⁄4 cup finely ground coffee

1⁄2 cup raw sugar

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

1 tablespoon powdered milk (soy, coconut, or dairy)

1 cup sweet almond oil

4 vitamin E capsules

* What you will need: rubber spatula, medium-size mixing bowl, measuring cups, fork, jars and lids to fit 16 ounces

1. To Make: Place the coffee, sugar, cocoa, and powdered milk in a medium-size mixing bowl. Add the oil and mix together with a fork until you have a uniform consistency. Pierce the vitamin E capsules and squeeze the liquid out into the bowl, discarding the gel caps. Stir well to blend.

2. To Store: To preserve the freshness of this natural scrub, do not get water into the jar. Store this scrub in a sealed jar in a cool dark place, out of direct sunlight. Use up within 6 months to a year.

3. To Use: Use in place of a soap or body wash in your shower or bath. Apply to your skin in small, upward motions. Massage the scrub in small circular motions, starting with the legs and arms, making your way up to the torso, ending at your heart. Rinse well.


This body scrub is designed to leave beneficial oils on your skin; however, the cocoa powder may stick in your pores. If that is the case, wash with a mild soap and moisturize as desired.