Luxurious Body Oil

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Luxurious Body Oil. Nourishing, conditioning, and moisturizing, body oils are a luxurious alternative to lotions. Lotion contains up to 80 percent water that evaporates off of your skin with little therapeutic value. However, a properly formulated body oil is pure, concentrated moisture that is rich in botanical nutrients.

Luxurious Body Oil

Luxurious Body Oil:

YIELDS: 8 ounces

1⁄4 cup Green Tea–Infused Oil

1⁄2 cup jojoba oil

1⁄4 cup sweet almond oil

4 vitamin E capsules

Essential oil blend, optional

* What you will need: measuring cups, funnel, darkcolored 8-ounce bottle with cap (pump top optional)

1. To Make: Place the funnel over your bottle and add the oils. Pierce the vitamin E capsules and squeeze the liquid out into the bottle, discarding the gel caps. Add the essential oils, if desired. Place the cap on tightly, and shake to blend.

2. To Store: Label with contents and expiration date. Will keep for up to a year.

3. To Use: Apply to dry skin as needed.


Pure, undiluted jojoba oil is generally considered to have a long shelf life of 2 or more years if stored out of direct sunlight. It is expensive, but if you desire a longer shelf life for any of the products that use a liquid oil in this book, you can substitute jojoba oil. Substituting jojoba oil will change the consistency and nutrient content of the final product and prolong freshness, but the shelf life will be dependent on the sum total of the ingredients in the recipe.