Green Tea Eye Cream

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The active ingredients in this revitalizing under-eye cream help alleviate dark circles and puffy eyes while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A little of this silky Green Tea Eye Cream will melt right into your skin for lovely results.

Green Tea Eye Cream

Green Tea Eye Cream:

YIELDS: ⁄ ounce

3 teaspoons Green Tea–Infused Oil

2 vitamin E capsules

2 drops carrot seed essential oil

* What you will need: boiling water, glass measuring cup, shallow bowl, chopstick, rubber spatula, jar with lid to hold ⁄ ounce of cream

1. To Make: Create a mini double boiler by pouring boiling water in the bottom of a shallow bowl. Put the Green Tea Infused Oil into a glass measuring cup and place the cup into the bowl of boiling water to melt. Stir it a little to help it along. Once the oil has melted, remove the cup from the hot water and wipe dry. Pierce the vitamin E capsules and squeeze the liquid out into the melted oil, discarding the gel caps. Add the carrot seed essential oil and stir the ingredients together with a chopstick. Pour the melted oil into the jar and carefully put in the refrigerator. Remove after 30 minutes and screw the lid on tight. Label with contents and date.

2. To Store: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Use within 1–1 ⁄ years.

3. To Use: Begin with clean skin. To use, remove a small amount of cream from the jar and melt between your fingertips. Then tap the cream onto the under-eye area and occipital bone.