Facial Care : Rooibos Rose Toner

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Aloe Vera and Rosewater are soothing, hydrating, and conditioning. Rooibos is a powerful antioxidant that is high in vitamins and minerals including zinc and vitamin D. It also contains superoxide dismutase (SOD), an enzyme and amazingly effective antioxidant that attacks free radicals. This Rooibos Rose Toner balances your skin’s pH, removes built-up oil and grime, and closes and tightens pores, reducing size and appearance. This formula is beneficial for normal to dry, combination, acne-prone, rosacea-prone, and maturing skin types.

Facial Care : Rooibos Rose Toner

Facial Care : Rooibos Rose Toner

YIELDS: 4 ounces

1⁄2 cup distilled water

1 tablespoon loose leaf rooibos

1 tablespoon aloe vera juice

2 tablespoons Old-Fashioned Rosewater or rose hydrosol

* What you will need: teacup, strainer, 4 ounce bottle and cap or mister top, funnel.

1. To Make: Boil ⁄ cup distilled water and brew a small, strong cup of rooibos. Let the infusion steep for 15–20 minutes. Strain the herbs from the brew and place in the fridge and cool completely, 10–15 minutes. Once the brew has cooled, use the funnel to add the aloe vera juice and rosewater to the bottle. Top off with the rooibos brew. Cap tightly and shake well.

2. To Store: Store in bottle and use within 1 month, or store in the refrigerator to extend the shelf life to 2–3 months.

3. To Use: Use twice per day after cleansing. Moisten a cotton pad and gently sweep over facial skin to remove the last traces of dirt, oil, and makeup. Follow with moisturizer and serum.