Coco-Superfruit Mask

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This triple-berry blast of antioxidant superfruits rich in essential fatty acids helps nourish, soothe, and repair skin cells. These fruity antioxidants excel in scavenging free radicals and disarming them. Unchecked, free radicals attack and destroy your healthy cells. This mask is formulated to repair and regenerate while gently exfoliating for a fresh and radiant skin tone. This mask works wonders to improve environmentally damaged or maturing skin and is beneficial for normal, dry, oily, or combination skin types as well.

Coco-Superfruit Mask

Coco-Superfruit Mask:

YIELDS: 1-2 masks

1 strawberry

2 blueberries

1 raspberry

1⁄2 teaspoon raw honey

1 teaspoon coconut flour

* What you will need: small mixing bowl, fork

1. To Make: Place the berries in the mixing bowl and mash with the fork. Stir in the honey. Add the coconut flour a little at a time, stirring to moisten the powder until you have a thin, not drippy, spreadable paste. How much coconut flour you need will depend on how juicy your berries are. Coconut flour is highly absorbent, so start with a teaspoon and add more as needed, up to 3 teaspoons.

2. To Store: This mask should not be stored. Use immediately.

3. To Use: To use, spread a thick layer of the mask onto clean skin. Leave on skin 15-25 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Follow with toner and moisturizer. Use caution as the berries may stain light-colored fabrics.