Three Reasons To Train Your Dog

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if you ask, How to train my dog? What is the best age to train a dog? Whay should be train my dog??
Here are a 3 reasons to consider training your dog, or having her enrolled in an obedience class.
Three Reasons To Train Your Dog

1- Socialization:

Make him a pleasure to be around people and other dogs! Who wants to be around a dog that is rude? Jumping, lunging, barking, trying to take food out of your hands? Don’t feel forced to put your dog in the back room or backyard when your guests visits, train your dog to control himself and be a polite companion, not a rude, annoying dog that gives most non dog lovers a reason to not like dogs. You are in charge of your dogs behavior, don’t blame the dog! Or anyone else!

2- A Trained Dog is a Safer Dog:

Worried your dog may run off and never come back? A real fear if your dog hasn’t been trained to come when called. A solid “Come Here” will save your dog’s life one day. Guaranteed. Teach him to wait at all barriers, front doors, gates, sidewalks, and make it worth it for your dog to look at you when you say his name and come when called. Every time. Not just when he feels like it.

3- Bonding & Resonating:

Time spent with your dog, using training and using TTouch techniques allows your dog to thrive. Spending time communicating audibly, telepathically, energetically, through touching and practicing energy work is time you spend together, building a bond with each other, resulting in a relationship that is invaluable. If you spend just a few minutes a week training, socializing, bonding and resonating with your dog – you will invest quality time and you both will be better for it. Dogs don’t know quantity, they know quality… didn’t you notice when you fed them that milk bone and they turned their nose up as opposed to that piece of chicken from your plate last night??