Dog Bites Are Preventable

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Home insurance companies are reporting record payouts to victims of dog bites. Homeowners insurance can cover a lot of things, this problem, however, comes at a hefty price. I heard this just a few days ago on the radio, then I heard it was Farmer's in one report, State Farm in another, wondering what news is really news and what is just not factual at all….so, what a great subject for my next blog…we will stick with dog bites, not the "news".
Dog Bites Are Preventable
Believe this, dog bites are preventable. We just ignore the signs. Many of us make excuses for our dog's inappropriate and aggressive behavior, not realizing there is a true liability that lies with an aggressive dog. An extremely costly one since the average claim paid out is $38,000 per claim in California as reported by The Insurance Journal May 16, 2012.

California tops the list in dog bites for State Farm's list of dog bite claims a whopping 31% increase in claims this year. While they can't report why, I have my own ideas. Lack of leadership is the main reason we have so many problems with dog bites. I have a 1 page list of things we do every day that undermine our leadership with our dog creating the lack of leadership. Diet is another huge contributor, keep your protein levels under 30% and no raw food!

Dog Training is important, and as a kid I rescued a Jack Russell Terrier/Cocker Spanial mix and this dog wanted to bite everyone except for me, a 7 year old child who loved her. My parent's never suggested dog training. It didn't occur to them and….and why spend the money on a dog that hated them?

I was bit on the behind by a German Shepard as a 6 year old child while riding my bike down the street. The dog barely broke the skin on my rear but back in those days we just got an apology from the owner and learned the rabies was current. Today, a child bit by a dog would go to the emergency room, the Doctor is required by law to report the dog to the authorities, and the insurance company would be involved, and my parent's would have gotten paid big money.

Dogs do not grow out of aggressive behavior despite popular belief or wishful thinking. Once a dog knows the power of his bite, you have a loaded gun. And statistics from show children are the most vulnerable. A growl is a prelude to a bite. Don't take a growl lightly!

Everyone who owns a dog should be taking steps to better understand your dog, bond with your dog and learn what to do and what not to do, aggression or no aggression. Does your dog ignore you? Great reason to call me in to show you how to get your dog to listen to you, and have fun doing it!

An minimal investment of $75 to discuss your dog, maybe $300-500 could mean the difference of having a safe, confident and relaxed dog who knows what you need from him so you can communicate effectively or a dog that is lunging and biting people, other dogs or even you.

As many of you are aware, there are now breed restrictions when you go to rent an apartment or house, because the insurance companies are attempting to minimize the risk. The problem is not the breed, all breeds bite, it's the larger, stronger jawed dogs that can be fatal.